M7 Mobile Computer System

In-Car Computer System

The M7’s modular design—CPU, sunlight readable LED touch screen display and optional, detachable keyboard—allows for a variety of mounting options and cost-effective upgrades. The rugged system is designed to hold up to harsh vehicular environments and to perform in extreme temperature conditions. The system is built to last with a 10-yr+ useable life backed by a 10-yr+ available warranty. The M7 is backwards compatible with all generations of Data911 M series mobile computers.

M7 In-Car Computer System

M7 Key Features

  • Intel® Core™ i7 automotive grade processor
  • Very low power draw
  • Sunlight readable, LED illuminated, touch screen displays
  • Up to 16GB of memory
  • Extreme grade solid state drives
  • Widest operating temperature in the industry
  • New power control module features
  • More I/O
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 ready
  • Air bag compliant
  • Internal Wireless Broadband Options
  • Illuminated Detachable Keyboard (optional)


We offer free evaluation trials of our systems. Our technicians will expertly install the evaluation unit according to user specifications. Contact us at 510-865-9100 or sales@data911.com for more information.

Physical Size

3.125″ (79.375mm)

13.25″ (336.55mm)

5.75″  (146.05mm)

Weight CPU:
4.93 lbs. (2.24 kg)

Weight Mount:
2.19 lb.  (1.0 kg)

M7 Components

M7 Key Benefits

  • Systems are designed specifically for vehicles and to withstand extreme temperature conditions
  • Systems last over two times longer than rugged laptops
  • Significant cost savings due to unique product upgrade path
  • Can be mounted for airbag compliance, ensuring maximum safety for vehicle occupants
  • Better ergonomics and mounting options allowing for a clean and safe cockpit environment
  • Easy out-of-car computing with portable devices such as tablets and smart phones—with no additional communication costs
  • Removable hard drive for easy maintenance
  • Quick de-install–no tools required for any modules: display, CPU and keyboard
  • Always in the car ready to go for critical live applications such as digital video and license plate recognition

Any M7 purchase now includes a free subscription for Web AVL, our cloud-hosted vehicle tracking solution, for as long as the M7 system is under warranty. Learn more »

Brochures & Data Sheets

m7-brochure | 1MB

M7 Computer System Video

M7 In-Vehicle Computer System

M7 Introduction

Click to watch this brief video for an overview of the M7 In-Vehicle Computer System and its components.

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