Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Web AVL is a highly secure vehicle tracking solution that uses familiar Google Maps and is designed for public safety agencies.  It is a cloud hosted service accessible via any computer in your facility or fleet with a browser and access to the Internet.

Automatic Vehicle Location powered by Google Maps

Deploy with minimal effort – start tracking your entire fleet within hours, depending on your GPS hardware and network environment.

Key Features

  • Highly secure – firewall only allows access to authorized emergency response agencies. Learn more »
  • Integrated Google Maps eliminates the need for GIS and tracks outside jurisdiction boundaries
  • No server to purchase or maintain
  • No in-car computer? Data911 offers all-in-one tracking devices.  Learn more »
  • Share unit locations with other agencies for free. Learn more »
  • Includes touch screen enabled Mobile Map with navigation for field personnel. Learn more »
  • Free API (application programming interface) to integrate CAD available. Learn more »
  • M7 equipped vehicles tracked for free (while the M7 system is under warranty)

Automatic Vehicle Location powered by Google Maps

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A webinar is the most effective way to discuss your agency’s specific needs. To schedule a demo and discuss a free evaluation, please contact us at 510.865.9100 or

Or click this link to register for access to the Web AVL Demo System with live units and all the functionality of our full service offering.

Brochures & Data Sheets

Data911 Web AVL Data Sheet PDF | 954kb

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Data911 Mobile Technology

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