Digital Video Software: Verus Evidence Management System

Verus Evidence Management System -- From Real-time Incident Capture to the Interview Room 

Data911's Verus HD Digital Video System has the most complete video evidence management solution on the market today. The system employs a web based touch screen friendly software interface called Verus Control and is supported by a comprehensive back-end software solution called Verus Server, which captures everything from the in-car video, body worn video, motorcycles and includes Interview Room video evidence management. The Verus system is a valuable resource for enhancing personnel safety and performance.

Verus Control (video control interface)

The Verus Control software provides live viewing of the in-vehicle camera and review of audio/video data. The user interface is optimized for touch screen functionality and features large buttons and controls.

  • Capture of GPS and customized metadata
  • Record and review simultaneously
  • Rewind in live, preview and review mode
  • Configurable pre-event recording
  • Exportation of files to computer's external drive
  • Data tampering prevention with cryptographic signatures
  • Multiple recording triggers: audio device, light bar/siren, crash sensor
  • Live streaming video capability: to vehicle from remote locations; from vehicle to remote or central command locations
  • Bookmarking of selected portions of audio/video files

Verus Server (server software)

Verus Server provides everything you need for effective video evidence management -- from the in-car capture to the interview room. Verus Server is a browser-based system loaded on a Windows server and provides full search capability of information stored on the server. Verus Server is user-friendly and efficient as the captured video/audio information on the server can be reviewed in a variety of locations.

Media Searches

  • No special client software in needed—all user interaction is done through a standard web browser
  • All media accessed using web addresses (URLs) for easy linking from external applications, such as an agency's records management system
  • Comprehensive searches can be custom tailored, saved and shared

Wide Evidence Handling 

  • Import audio and video from voice recorders, cell phones, body-worn cameras and other devices 

Video Playback

  • High-quality video playback with synchronized maps, tags and other metadata
  • Flexible options for selectable playback views
  • Many types of media can be imported such as video, audio, images and documents

Mobile Configuration

  • System Administrators can define and configure mobile video setups from one central point, then automatically download changes to all mobile units when in range
  • Configurable mobile recorder, video, audio, triggers, outputs, LPR and on-screen displays

System Users/Rights

  • System Administrators can define users, group, roles and lockdown User Rights
  • System security changes are automatically updated in the mobile vehicles

Server System Administration

  • System Administration at the server is comprehensive and easy to use

Interview Room Video Management

Verus Server's many features include the ability to view, store and organize the video/audio files generated in the in-station interview rooms. Unlike other, outdated systems, Verus Server allows all authorized users to view and listen to interviews in real time through any network enabled work station. These files are then stored and managed in the same system as the in-vehicle files, thereby saving the agency from having to purchase separate video evidence storage and management equipment.

Brochures & Data Sheets

Verus Server Brochure  2.4MB